Courses / Study Circles

Courses / Study Circles

Collaborative Study and Personal Growth

Bahá’í Study Circle

Bahá'ís are actively engaged in developing knowledge, skills, and spiritual insights through study circles on various topics. Together with their neighbors from all walks of life, they learn about spiritual reality and our individual role in the progress of society. All arrive at a better understanding on their purpose in life and many participants discover ways to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Participants in the courses learn, for example, to teach values to children, to engage in community service activities, to assist and empower others to independently investigate spiritual truths, to learn how to competently express one’s views, and to engage oneself in serving the broader needs of society for unity, justice, and equity.

Participants in study circles often experience a new sense of direction in life, better relationships with family and friends, and a fruitful re-evaluation of the contribution one can make to the wider community.

All are welcome in the classes, regardless of their ideas or beliefs.

Study Circles in Hillsborough

The Hillsborough community hosts study circles on demand. Small groups of people generally get together on a bi-weekly schedule to study any of the current topics available.  Three of the initial courses are:

Reflections on the Life of the Spirit (Ruhi Book 1)

Ruhi Book 1This is the first in a course sequence and provides insight into spiritual matters, imparts knowledge of the Bahá'í Faith and helps develop skills and human resources for service to our communities. This course has three main purposes for the participants:

  • understanding some of the Bahá'í Writings
  • developing the required attitudes toward prayer, and acquiring the habit of memorizing them
  • understanding that the true significance of life is to be found in the development of the soul

Teaching Children's Classes, Grade 1 (Ruhi Book 3)

Ruhi Book 3This course is designed to develop the capabilities needed to conduct children's classes for the spiritual education of children. Bahá'í children's classes are not like the classes of indoctrination which are common in many other religions. Even though children are instructed in the principles, teachings and basic beliefs of the Bahá'í Faith, the emphasis is on learning to think, to reflect and to apply spiritual laws to the life of the individual and society. Especially during the early years of childhood, great attention is given to the development of spiritual qualities and to those beliefs, habits and behaviors that constitute the essential attributes of a spiritual being. The three main objectives for this course are:

  • to understand some of the basic principles of Baha'i education of children.
  • to learn to teach simple children's classes consisting of memorization of prayers and quotations, songs, stories, games and coloring.
  • to develop the skills and abilities needed to conduct classes for children, managing the class with a great deal of love and understanding and, at the same time, with the discipline necessary to create a proper learning environment
It is assumed that those who study it have already participated in courses in which at least the content of Book 1 - Reflections on the Life of the Spirit  has been covered.

The Twin Manifestations (Ruhi Book 4)

Ruhi Book 4 The three units that comprise Book 4 are devoted to helping students acquire a thorough and systematic knowledge of the lives of the Bab and Baha'u'llah. A chronological account of each of Their (the Bab and Baha'u'llah's) lives is presented and students will learn to narrate them in some detail.  Objectives:

  • to gain spiritual insights into the significance of this Day and the promises it holds for humanity
  • to learn to narrate the story of the Bab's life and gain an appreciation of the potency of His short and dramatic Ministry.
  • to learn to narrate the story of Baha'u'llah's life and gain an appreciation of the magnitude of the spiritual forces released by Him.

To Participate

Please contact the Hillsborough Assembly or call Mr. Pieter Ruiter at (609) 333-6919 for more information, or to enroll in one of these courses.


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